Business Partners/Husband and Wife

My husband and I own a small studio personal training business together that we opened about 18 months ago. He is the sole person working there day to day, training, cleaning, working with clients. I just help out with anything I can remotely: marketing on social media. The business has left us living off of my income as a teacher. We struggle to make ends meet, and my husband is working his butt off. We are in need of more clients in order to help us out financially and make my husband feel like the gym is successful enough to continue. Through the Life Coach School podcasts and now SCS, I have changed my mindset on what needs to be done to get new clients. I have been researching so much and am ready to take massive action in order to make things work. This month I have a goal of gaining 7 new clients. My husband and I do not see eye to eye on this process. I have had a few ideas I wanted to bring to him for about a week now. I am nervous to even bring anything up because he gets annoyed with me. So last night, we finally had a chance to talk (we are also so busy and never see one another). I gave him several ideas. Most of them he denied because he is not comfortable putting himself out there. One or two he is willing to try, but gave me zero feedback and just seemed like he wanted me to shut up. Here is my model:
C: He denied many ideas, gave one word answers for others.
T: He is unwilling to try new things. I did all this work for nothing. I am the only one trying to improve the business.
F: Frustrated
A: Walk away
R: Nothing changes, we continue to squeak by financially

The question I have is: how do I make a new model? I want to change the result, but I feel like he is in control of it because it really is him who needs to do most of the work. I know I cannot change him. I think I have to change my feelings, but wanted to see if there is any way I can change the result without him. PS: I think I answered my own question……

Thank you for your help!