Business Partnership with Husband Model , Maybe the Universe is telling me its time to move on, again?

My husband and I are partners in a business that revolves primarily around his artistic skills. His strong suit is not organization and delegating efficiently. We have employees. I became a partner in 2002 and saw my role as management as was my role in a previous business with my x husband. It has been a struggle taking on that role and allowing me to thrive – because I believe that in his mind… he “IS” the business ( meaning he has a hard time separating himself from the work as an artist if I come in and change course, like I am critizing him, takes it personally and taking something away instead of seeing me as an asset to assist him so he can do what he is best at in being his best having the business at heart. I am looking at the bottom line and making a profit. We had a conversation that ended up with his yelling at me. Normally, I would be hurt, angry and frustrated ( I shouldnt have to do this) and again feel left out. But this time, I was not hurt and very calm. I noticed I was accepting, hearing and observing. So, my question is : Am I getting this stuff? This was my result and I have been down this road before..I am forcing something that I cannot change in another person. The bummer is, this is our livelihood and I am 56 and don’t want to start another career but I do need that thing in my life that I sink my teeth into. I did start a non profit animal rescue… ( we rescued pugs 🙂 back in 2010 and ran for 6 years, saving over 700 dogs and raising over 600K in that time. I think I may need that next adventure? Anyway, the question is… when that “C” comes up, I am thinking about the intentional “C” ~~ Was that what I was doing? Ugh, I am confusing myself. Thank you 🙂