business project with my husband

I am headed into working on a business project with my husband and having difficult time changing this model…

c: project with husband
t: working with him scares the heck out of me
f: fear & anxiety
a: close my self off to him, don’t listen to his input
r: we don’t work well on the project and at home

I am able to change some of my other thoughts in the model like
t: He is a bulldozer. – t: he breaks down walls and barriers
t: I have to bring order back into sight. – t: I am choosing to bring order
t: He doesn’t focus in on the one thing. – t: he has some great ideas we can list and come back to
t: He wants to bring his crazy mom in on this.- t: He wants to bring his mom in on this
ok this last one only made it to a neutral position 🙂

I am really struggling with the other though. Is it because it is more of a belief?