Business Strategy / Partners Disagree on path forward

My partners and I disagree on a strategy to move the business forward. We are a small 6 person architecture firm and we were approached by a large (100 person) out of state firm to partner together in attempts to unseat another local firm that has a monopoly on the school districts here for their architecture projects. When we met with the potential partnering firm yesterday, my partner told the other firm all of our strategies we have been working on the last year that we were going to use to get into a specific school district. My thought is that he put all of our cards face up on the table and gave away our strategy to people we do not know who have actually been actively trying to take away the one school district we work with. Our thoughts are now to go ahead and partner with the large firm or be eaten by the large firm. But I think it’s more likely that we will partner with the large firm AND then be eaten by them. I am dissappointed my partner put all of our strategy on the table.

I know I can be happy either way, but I am making my partner’s actions mean he doesn’t believe in us on our own and that he has a scarcity mindset. We both want the same thing for our firm, which is to be successful, make lots of money, and provide excellent service for our clients. We just have different views on how to get there. Any insight on how to pull this apart further? When one knows they can be happy either way, how do you strategize for your business?