Business thought work

Hey Brooke,

I am a new health coach with zero clients, there are so many pieces to this start up that I don’t yet know how to do.

I spent the 1st year mindlessly consuming and doing research on things that were not relevant in starting my business. I had hired mentors in this area but I didnt get the direction I hoped for. I had focused on creating lessons before knowing what clients i wanted. I had focused on creating an entire website before creating a lead magnet.

Now I have narrowed my focus down to things I should do first.
1. Know who I want to work with
2. create my freebie
3. create a funnel
4. build my platform based on where they hang out online
5. advertise

There are things I don’t fully comprehend, like

1. creating email sequences for each part of the funnel,
2. copywriting
3. creating content (a plan to know what topics to talk about) for my blog/social media account

In the past, I would see courses that would teach specific things I needed to learn and then say “No, I can figure it out myself” but months will go by and I’m still spinning my wheels “figuring it out” instead of allowing myself to get the teaching I need.

I did this with scholars for about a month but decided to sign up because I knew what “doing it myself” looked like. I wanted to change and direction so I signed up and don’t regret it AT ALL. Best decision ever.

Now, I am in a place where I am thinking the same thing. I could just do this all myself and figure it out but I could also buy a course that could keep me on the path I am trying to go.

I have many thoughts about this that are all very conflicting.

If i pay to get help then i don’t believe I can do it myself.
If i do it myself then i’ll get stuck as usual and not move forward
I want to prove that I can do this myself without any help “look at how cool I am building a business without paying for courses”
The courses will not be any good and I wont get the direction I need.
I can do this myself i have all the info i need (doubt here)

My brain is doing this funny thing where it indulges in confusion.

Am I looking to get more guided help to escape the challenge of doing it myself??
Or am I resisting getting guided help so I can “figure it out” but in reality not do a damn thing.

WOW, This went in a whole different direction than what I had intended.