Business work

Brooke, I am so happy to hear that you are doing an entrepreneur course next month. I’ve been learning so much about my tendency to overwhelm, and with my business I’ve been practicing overwhelm with good intentions for so long. I’ve bought so many programs that I half-ass, as my mother would say. I buy them and get excited that it will somehow solve all of my problems, then I don’t do the work, because I find a new course or program.
I realize that now that I have proven to myself that I can keep commitments to myself, restraint is my next key skill. Choosing and knowing that it is the right choice and committing. I am going to use the rest of August to continue my focus on my weight and do the mental work of clearing the chatter and overwhelm from previous programs and courses. I will do thought downloads and models on my current thoughts about my business, being a business woman, and money. And in September I’m putting the blinders on and focusing on my business through your program and like you’ve said with your coach, committing to doing ALL of the work.