Busy and B

I would love some help with these models and getting out of this cycle. These are such common thoughts for me and I think them all throughout my days.

These models seem to go hand in hand.

C Me at a specific point in my day
T You still have too xxx
F Stressed
A keep going, doing xxx, keeping thinking I have more to do, tell myself Im choosing too do these things (almost in a mean way), end up spending my days being busy with housework instead of things I want.
R keep thinking I have stuff to do

C Feeling of Stressed
T You’re such a b*tch
F Shame
A withdraw from family, feel bad and ashamed for being a b*tch, keep doing my housework but not wanting anyone around me because I love them and don’t want to be a b*tch to them
R keep thinking I’m a b*tch

C Family approaching me when I’m wanting to be alone
T F*ck off
F Angry
A withdraw and push them away, speak in a rude tone, tell them to go do something, don’t take care of their needs which have them coming to me asking more
R I keep want them to leave me alone

It seems like I’m always being busy and always calling myself a B and always wanting to be alone. I know I am choosing to do these things and I am ready to stop.

I would love to feel loving, gentle and relaxed in my days.

Any help would be amazing. Thank you!!!