But I am tired


My wonderful husband does not get up in the middle of the night if the kids (2 and 5) are sick or on the weekends when they rise and shine at 5 am. We both work full-time and equally contribute to the household. At first I was very angry at him (every morning for years) because I too I feel the physical exhaustion of the week. Through using the models and the relationship work, I don’t get angry at him. I am still bone tired some weeks though. So is it a matter of reframing the thought “I am tired this morning” when my little ones poke my eyes and say “mommy, waaaake up.” Is tired the feel? and the circumstance “I slept 4 hours.” In the models that I’ve tried, the result doesn’t seem to prove the thought…..And, model notwithstanding, can I just be a really freaking tired parent on some days??? 🙂

C: kids wake up at 5 am every day
T: I am so tired
F: Tired

Sincere thanks!