But what if Honoring current desires is NOT a bad thing ? Primitive Vs PreFrontal Cortex

What if a person can……..

Eat what they desire in that moment, and still be at a healthy weight ?

Drink that vodka cranberry when they decided to only 30 min before hand but is not an alcoholic / binge – drinker ?

Etc etc. I understand the importance of sticking to our plans. But what if part of our plans is just honoring to allow how we feel in the present moment and “giving in” to whatever it is we are wanting currently ?

Sometimes I want to nap, I wouldn’t plan a nap the following Tuesday. I’m tired today not Tuesday haha. Or what about sex? That’s usually much better in the moment when people have the urge to, not written out 24 hrs in advance lol.

What if our primitive brain is ok to listen to as long as it’s serving us?