buying xmas gift for son

I am really struggling with picking a Christmas gift for my 16-year-old son. The only thing he’s asked for costs over $600 and I’ve already said no to that. I think his love language is gifts (mine is not). I feel anxious that he won’t feel my love because I won’t be able to find a gift that is meaningful to him (that I can afford).

C Christmas is on Dec 25
T If I don’t pick the right gift, my son won’t feel loved
F anxious
A wallow in confusion, don’t make a decision, ask him what he wants repeatedly, spend a lot of time thinking about it
R I don’t pick the right gift

C Christmas is on Dec 25
T ??
F loving
A ??
R I express my love to my son through a gift.

Can you help with my models? Thanks in advance 🙂