C: goal to get to 118lbs

I am 5’3 so 118 is fine. I went from 135-123 last year using stop overeating and have kept it mostly off. The lowest I got down to was 120. My original goal was 118, but I decided it was unnecessary and stayed around 123-125.

Now I wanna get to 118 just to prove to myself that my thoughts create my results. I’d like to then gain muscle back to 123-125 or so. Muscle in the booty specifically.

C: goal to get to 118lbs
T: I am pretty confident I know how to do that
F: motivated
A: plan protocol specifically, have food purchased that I need, no deviations from protocol, consider not eating until 1:00pm, increasing my fat content (I do a very high fat low carb protocol), continue walking, continue yoga, but mostly just tolerating the feelings of hunger that emerge. I mostly don’t get urges anymore because of ketosis. Mostly this will have to be done through intermittent fasting.
R: I confidently proceed

Obstacles I face are thoughts like:
This is unhealthy, I freak out when the scale increases, this is dumb, I’m too hungry, this is pointless.

I can overcome those mental obstacles.

What else should I be looking out for?