C line

I am working on my relationship with my husband. A hold up I’ve noticed is that I have been stuck between wanting to let go of the past and moving forward with a clean slate.

This morning I was thinking “what could help me stay present and not allow every “incident” to come loaded (in my mind) with a bunch of past incidents that make it seem worse than it is.

And then I suddenly had the thought – that’s the power of the C line!!!

I have been running models in my head a lot of the time – and I realized that when I do that the C line is not clean. It’s loaded!

We can totally use the C line to focus on the present facts. Not what might have happened in the past. But literally right here, right now, what was actually said and/or done.

I’m excited because I think that’s going to be a really helpful tool for me. I have not given the C line justice! 🙂