C line for model about indecision

I struggled to figure out my C line. Here are my iterations and then why I rejected them as a C in parentheses. Last one is the one I decided

C – I want to choose the next thing to work on at work. (Not true. I don’t want to. I dread it.)

C – The next best thing to do at work is not clear to me. (“Best” is subjective and loaded. How could anyone tell whether this is true.)

C – I have not decided on my next project. ( Same problem as previous but it feels more true to me. This is the one I decided on.)

T – I need to make a decision.
F – Panicky.
A – Delay and avoid making a decision. Do lower priority stuff first.
R – Wallow in indecision. Close off creativity.

So help with the C line please. Also maybe help with T line. Like there was a thought below “I need to make a decision,” which doesn’t really seem like a panic inducing thought. I guess maybe: I might make the wrong decision. Or, I won’t have any good ideas. Maybe even, I’m a failure and I will fail at this.

Ok, so what is recommended next step? Sit with feelings of failure? How does that help? Work up bridge thoughts?