C-line in the Model

We cannot put racism in C-line, but if the C-line is things that can be proven in court, does it not then depend on the country’s court system and their laws?

In Denmark, there is a “racism paragraph” in the law of freedom of speech. This paragraph basically states that you are not allowed to make statements that are discriminating against races, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Several times it happened that a politician was sent to court for making a statement that someone felt was racist. And then the court would rule if it was racist or not. Hence, it can be proven in the court of law that a statement is racist.

In that case we should be able to say : “X person made racist statement” in the C-line. It would of course require that there had actually been a case and the court decided the statement to be racist according to the words of the law.

Also, I struggle with someone saying that the C is neutral. I think neutral is different from factual. Something can be factual and still not neutral.

“Child was abused”: factual, C-line, but for most people not neutral. The same goes for “Woman was raped”, “Black man was killed”.
For most of us its not neutral, but it is factual.

Other thoughts about the C-line: it has to be provable in court, but it can also be “nausea” – but then we place it on a scale, like from 0-10. Placing “nausea” on a scale does not make more factual. It’s still very subjective and not provable in court – I don’t get really it, please help 🙂

Many thanks in advance.