C-line question

I am working on my model and my circumstance is “my boss has the legal right to say no.”
Then my thought is, “My boss could say no.”
Is my C neutral?

My boss really does have the legal right to say no. At first, my Circumstance was “listing all the obstacles for setting my goal.”
But when I put my C-line this way, it’s too vague because when I’m reviewing it to myself “you think listing all the obstacles for your goal” caused you to feel anxious, I don’t feel like that is a problem.

But when I read it back to myself, “you think that your boss has the legal right to say no” caused your problem but it’s your thought “my boss could say no,” then I feel like it’s true. The problem is not my bossing having the right to say no, because he could say yes too, the problem is that the fact he has the legal right to say no makes me make it mean he could say no. It’s not  him having the legal right that is the problem, the problem is me thinking it’s a problem.

I hope it’s not too messy for you to get it and give me some clarity about it.
Thank you