C New commission for a new client 3

Q: How would your business be if you had the courage to feel any emotion knowing you would be ok in the end?

> I would be more relaxed. I wouldn’t put a lot of pressure on me. I would love myself first, and I would let the result of my work be what it is. I would prioritize my health. I would put it before my work. I would also put my personal balance before my work success. I would open up to the possibility to judge my work as being bad or that my work could be judged by my clients as being bad. I wouldn’t like it, but it could be manageable. I mean, I could offer a refund if it’s really terrible. Or I could ask what is wrong and correct it. It would mean something about what the client wants. It wouldn’t mean I’m a bad professional. And if I really make a mistake and appear to be a bad professional in my own opinion, I could correct it or do things differently next time.

My thought to practice: I may do something bad, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Thank you so much!