C: scale says 130lbs

-How did I gain seven pounds in three days?
-Answer to that question: I must be really off the rails, I knew it was too good to be true.

This is what my brain automatically tells me.

Logically, my pre-frontal cortex says: you didn’t gain seven points in three days, that’s actually impossible. First, You weighed 123.6 on Friday morning. Now Sunday night you weighed 130. Admittedly that is a big jump. However, I am getting my period, and I just was drinking And eating all weekend on vacation. I didn’t overeat excessively aside from a few small things. Realistically this is probably five pounds of water.

C: scale says 130
T: I’ve ruined all my weight loss work
F: frustrated
A: eat more, wear baggy clothes, don’t get dressed properly, don’t focus on work, plan another diet
R: I ruin all my weight loss mindset work

C: scale says 130lbs
T: I don’t want this to ruin my week
F: resistance
A: I obsess About weight, plan a new diet
R: I let it ruin my week

Ok. I need new ideas here. I don’t want to plan a new diet, since for me that behavior is buffering.

The actions I want to take are: I wake up early, have my usual breakfast, drink enough water, take care of my menstruating body, consider what else might be true aside from I have ruined so my hard work, I make some healthier did choices, I trust my body will regulate, I stay off the scale tomorrow, I focus on my work.

Feelings: compassionate

Thoughts: My body fluctuates, I haven’t done anything wrong here, nothing has gone wrong, I can live my body through its fluctuations, I welcome my body’s fluctuating nature as a woman, I invite the fluctuations so I can get to better know my body.

Results: I get to better know my body and build a loving relationship when her