Caffeine and the urge jar

I’ve been doing the urge jar for 3 1/2 weeks now and it’s going great. I have a question on my mind regarding caffeinated beverages and maybe it’s my brain trying to rationalize giving into an urge! Sometimes I use caffeine to buffer emotions like loneliness, grief, disappointment, and impatience. Other times, I use it when I want to be productive. I’m starting to become familiar with when I am using it to buffer. My brain is telling me that the times I want to be productive, it’s ok to use it even though it’s not on my plan. I think that’s still an urge, yes? Maybe I should be asking myself, “Why can’t I be productive without the caffeine right now? What is stopping me from being productive?” and that might reveal an underlying emotion. Hmmm.. I’m starting to answer my own question, but would like the help of a coach for this one, too.

Another question about caffeine… Does it spike insulin levels if you don’t add fat to it? There was another comment on here asking about bullet proof coffee and I’m wondering if that’s why people add fat. Thank you!