Caffeine, overeating, and am I doing too much at one time?

Hi Brooke! I am pleased to say that I am caffeine-free for the first time in my life since I was 13 (I am 25 now). Walking out of the house without my favorite buffer still baffles me and it feels more vulnerable. (What will I do if something demanding happens and I have no caffeine to help me? I have the same thought about food.) I have always wanted to be caffeine-free because the idea of relying on something external in order to be okay never felt right.

Now, my problem:
Ever since I gave it up, life has been more difficult – obviously because I am without my favorite buffer. Surely this is no surprise to you or me.

Before, I was also guilty of using caffeine to suppress my appetite because caffeine is an appetite suppressant. Without caffeine in the morning, I am MUCH more prone to gravitate towards food when I’m not hungry. I also have less energy to manage my mind.

Because of this, I find caffeine extremely hard to give up while trying to stop overeating. I recently decided to try intermittent fasting – as per your suggestion in the SO Workshop – and feel like I have hit an insane wall. I have physical cravings for food even though I’m not hungry, and I know that caffeine would take that edge off, because the edge only exists because caffeine is not there to buffer it. However, I ultimately want to be like you and live a buffer-free life.

So my two concerns are these: 1) am I trying to do too much at once by giving up both my caffeine buffer and my food buffer? Should I just focus on one at a time? 2) Is caffeine really so bad? I find myself wondering if it’s worth it. I’m definitely more productive with caffeine in my system, but I also feel more in tune with my body’s natural rhythms without it. I know that you teach how to stop overdrinking because alcohol is a buffer with negative side effects; but if caffeine is a buffer with positive side effects (increased productivity, more energy to manage my mind around food), then should I keep it in my life, at least for now?

Thanks for your reply.
Xoxo, Kari