cake story

I mostly don’t bring my eating plan stuff into my kids’ lives. My wish for them is a relationship with food that’s as uncomplicated as possible, so I just try to provide them with healthy meals and minimal commentary.

But I think of this as a life lesson, not a food lesson. 🙂

We celebrated my two year old’s birthday this weekend, and I made her a bunny cake. She was so excited to eat it, she kept asking to look at it, and finally said “eat cake now?!” I gave her a big hug and said, I know you’re so excited to eat your cake! Isn’t being patient hard sometimes? She nodded. I said, And can you do hard things?! She said “Yes!!”

I loved it. I was positive and excited, so she was positive and excited. And she totally enjoyed her cake a few hours later at her party. It would have been so easy (and fine) for me to give her a taste of the frosting or something early. But making this parenting choice also felt like a loving message to myself as well as to her.

Thanks for the little heart buzz, SCS!