Calendar Struggles

I keep ignoring my calendar.
I should be following my calendar.
I am unproductive.
I should be productive.
I’m behind.
My business isn’t growing because I suck at following my calendar.
I need to separate my worth and my productivity

C- I had 11 things on my calendar today and I followed through with 0.
T- I should be productive, but I’m not.
F- shame
A- mope around like Eeyore, produce nothing I said I would when I calendared, judge myself
R- I believe Even more that I should have been productive today

C- I’m a certified certified coach and I have the above model
T-I need to separate my worth from my productivity
F- Stuck
A- Spin on the how, research, use my time to figure out how to be more productive
R- I’m believing my productivity and my worth are connected

Coach me please <3