On Calendaring and Obstacles… week 3 work

Dear Brooke,
In the week 3 work, we are to list obstacles and strategies for overcoming them. It is really perfect timing, because in the week 2 work, I went through the process of setting a goal and planning out tasks and dates when they would be done. I put them in my calendar.

I’ve done this before – and I have a very strong pattern, which happened this time as well. I was all fired up to do the thing that was part of my purpose, and started promptly, full of energy and intention. What happens (I know, I am the one doing it, but this is how I am experiencing the problem) is that I will plan plan plan, and start to follow the plan, but right at the start I get off schedule. This usually looks like it did this time – I had a lot I wanted to get done this week, and I took the time to schedule it all out, but it seemed to be unrealistic because I had 3 things in a 4 hour block on Monday. Even though I was working as hard and fast as I could, I only got half of the first thing done in that 4 hour block. From that point, things slipped backwards. Everything else I was supposed to do this week was sort of depending on the first thing, which I then never had time to finish. In the past, I would have just worked on that thing until it was done, pushing everything else aside. This time, because I wanted to get things done and build confidence in myself sticking to my plan, I kind of moved on and tried to stick to the calendared tasks.

So… in coming up with strategies for dealing with obstacles…
In my life, I have tended mostly towards giving up vs. burning out, though I do vacillate between the two. That is an obstacle for me, and the strategy will be what you say: think, feel, massive action, repeat. Beyond that:

Obstacle 2: I feel like an obstacle is setting unrealistic windows for completing tasks. I WANT to be able to do things quickly and efficiently, but even when I start with really believing positive thoughts like “I can do the important things. There is plenty of time.”, time passes faster than my task gets done. If that makes sense. So perhaps the obstacle is that I’m slow??!?

I am wondering if the strategy should be to plan more generously, giving longer periods of time for everything.
Or, if the strategy should be to lower my expectations and not try to get so much stuff done.

Obstacle 3: The best laid plans are often subject to change. I am a work at home mom helping to run our small business, and I have 3 kids at home that we homeschool. I also have ambition of starting another side thing. My life is (intentionally and joyfully!) chaotic, and I have to go with the flow, dealing with what comes up and being present with my life. I also get migraines which pretty much call for deleting everything that was planned.

That is another obstacle… My thought for strategy is to review and update calendar regularly, perhaps every day. Is it worth even setting goals and calendaring if it is CONSTANTLY being revised?

I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, chronically late for things, and always feeling behind, and never catching up. I’m sure you already know that 🙂 Also, on strengthsfinders my strengths are “adaptable” and “strategizer”, so I LOVE making goals and strategies, but then am super spontaneous and able to go with the flow.

In doing this work over the past few months, I have gotten my newsletter email writing time down to 1.5-2 hours instead of 4-8 hours, and aiming for “B” work has been a HUGELY helpful concept! So that is one success.

C my calendar/goals
T I want to be able to follow my plan, but I never can.
F Defeated, discouraged
A Give up, quit trying to calendar, or back off and do it minimally so as not to damage my confidence
R I never can follow my plan

C my calendar/goals
T It will be different this time, I can do this
F Confident
A Set Goals and plans, Try again really hard
R Failure to follow plan —> T: I suck. I can’t do it. Why Bother.

This last model doesn’t work at all, I can see that…But to me, that seems to be what it’s like.

I would actually really like coaching on this topic, would it be better for a live call or with one of the tutors?

Thanks so much!!!