Call about excellence and being an asshole

I wanted to say thank you to Brooke and the caller who talked about excellence and being an asshole. This call meant everything to me. It put my whole reason for being here in total perspective. I put so much pressure on myself to be excellent and successful (i.e. perfect) and I think if I don’t pressure myself I can’t be those things. I think that somehow putting pressure on myself to be excellent will create excellence.

Now I see that this is not true, and that it’s coming from fear of seeing myself as a failure/imperfect. I also think that my work going forward is to answer the question – how do I maintain a level of excellence and success without the pressure to do more, better, faster, perfectly? Really the question is how do I let go of my fear of being an imperfect human being and just do what I love to do to the best of my abilities? I can see this is my path to peace and contentment while still being successful. Although I’ve worked on this and had coaching on this several times before, somehow watching this call put it all in perspective to me.

Thank you both.

That was amazing.