Call March 30

I got so much out of Brooke coaching ?Lindsay? (Physician) and ?Rena? (Manager).

I have always always struggled with “people not doing it right.” I have suffered so much – particularly with my family and now with my employees but I’m slowly seeing (at 52 yo) that I’m suffering because as the Course in Miracles says “Attack thoughts never leave your mind.” I’m pretty confident that these ‘wrongdoers’ don’t give a rat’s a*s about my opinion. And that’s ok.

Rena, the manager – SO MUCH of her in me. I own mistakes all the time – always say it’s me BUT the shame spiraling starts and then I feel like I don’t belong here in this corner office managing people. If an employee fails I make it about my value and worth. It’s good that I can see where I went wrong but I go way too far in the other direction and then make sweeping generalizations that I’m not worthy and I’m a suck person. Hearing Brooke talk about owning the fuck up was so helpful.

SO HELPFUL to me to recognize myself in issues that people bring. I have never been coached live – super nervous but will work up my nerve at some point!