Calmer clearer and more energy

I realize as much as I love my husband I blame him for a lot of things. Like when I couldn’t find the small strainer to strain out some tea. Yep, crazy and true.

So when I did find it (3 seconds later) I did a model in my head, while I strained the tea.

C- can’t find strainer
T – where did he put it
F -annoyed agitated in mind and tight in body
A – spinning in my head (which I caught myself doing)
R – disconnection

So without doing. a whole I just asked, what do I want to feel, since he wasn’t the one who misplaced the strainer – I did (the dude was still sleeping).

And this clarity of my past and what I learned about love and connection started to stream out of me. The work from this month’s lesson started to come together.

While I knew this before, I’m amazed just how I can find one little thing (the strainer) to make an automatic process unfold in my mind. And now, with SCS I’m able to become aware and unravel it.

So silly (the strainer) and so real and true and profound.