Calorie counting vs. Measuring

Oct 2017 to May 2018 i lost 20 lbs with this protocol:
2 meals a day
Plan exceptions
Daily TDL and model
Recognize any eats off plan as buffering

I had a high level of commiment to following my plan . And then May to Nov the weight loss was at standstill.

I kept thinking i will figure it out but felt at loss what to do to make scale budge.

I knew if I got coached Brooke would tell me to get more specific with my protocol (measured portions).

My brain could not understand the difference from specifiying measured/weighed portions and calorie counting though i know Brooke sees them very differently.

In my past, calorie counting didnt work for me because i didnt have the skills Brooke gave me to balance my hormones, lower insulin and manage my mind.

I have that now.

My personal trainer wanted me to use fitness pal and so i added counting calories to my protocol in November. It sufficed making my protocol more specific but goes against Brooks anticalorie. To me it feels better than randomly picking measured amounts.

And it is working for me. I started last month and the scale is finally moving. I have lost 8 lbs this past month.

But then i hear Brooke speak out against calorie counting and feel like i am doing something wrong though i finally feel i added in the missing piece.

Two questions:
What is the difference between measuring cups and ounces or measuring calories?

And should i stop what i am doing even though its finally getting me movement?