Calorie Counting

I got off sugar, flour, grains, alcohol decades ago but still was 20lb overweight. Then, I did a test of my Basel Metabolic rate and found that it was only 1046 calories a day. With exercise and general movement during the day, I burn on average 1800 calories a day. Then, I actually counted the number of calories I was eating and it was 2000-2400 calories. Clearly, I was overeating. So I went down to eating about 1600-1700 calories a day and over a year lost the 20 lbs. It was just a portion problem. Here’s my question. I use the Cronometer online tracking site, which makes it quick to count. I use a fitness tracker to track calories burned. If I do this, then I keep at my ideal weight. If I don’t then I start to gain again. I’m often hungry throughout the day and do intermittent fasting 1-2 days a week to keep at my ideal weight. But I don’t seem to have a sense of when enough is enough if I don’t do these external things. Any tips for moving forward without the calorie counting?