Can a home have a manual?

I recently did a 20min coaching around thoughts of my current home. I decided that I need to move to another one due to the fact that we live in a loft and I want a home with doors and rooms with the 2 children I have and wanting to having a 3rd. I don’t like all the noise and lack of privacy and I like my reasons for moving. Part of the coaching was around my husband and his hesitancy to move, and changing my thoughts about ‘needing to convince him.’ I realized I was approaching him in a way that made being productive about the decision impossible, so that was great to think about and work on. As a last thought before getting off the call, my coach suggested that I may have a manual for my home in addition to the one I have for my husband. I didn’t get a chance to further explore this, but in a way I think it is appropriate to have a manual for a home – for it to be what I want it to be – right? I want my home to have doors – don’t think that’s too much to ask! 🙂
I also don’t remember discussing manuals for things rather than humans.