Can a negative or indulgent emotion have a positive result?

I’ve heard Brooke talk about Feelings like worry and overwhelm being indulgent and not serving a purpose. But I’m wondering if sometimes they do create Actions that get positive Results. Or is that a mixed model?
Here is my model:

C: Future $
T: I don’t know what I will have b/c the economy is in a nosedive
F: Worried
A: Stop discretionary spending, save more, make a plan for money I have now
R: I get a handle on what I have now and stop worrying

This leads me to think that Worry is a necessary emotion to get me to do what I need to do. If I wasn’t worried I’d just keep spending as if nothing had changed which would be a less responsible thing to do (I think). Or is it some other emotion I’m not aware of that is really causing the positive actions?

Would love your thoughts.