can a personal goal go in the C line

can you help me clean up this model?

C: i want to be a life coach making $100k by 2023 at the latest. (can goals be in the c line??) if goals aren’t allowed in C line which i think they are not, then my C would be i am enrolled in LCS certification this term.
T: i have so much to learn (i know this sounds like it could make a “negative” feeling, but i LOVE learning, so to me it produces positive and useful feelings)
F: eager
A: sign up for LCS certification, sign up for 2k for 2k, attend class calls, read and do homework, do TDLs and models every day, start coaching real people, coach peers, listen to podcasts, take notes and make cheat sheets from what i’ve learned, add link to my free coaching sessions to all my emails and IG, record podcast about being a coach, add coaching signup form to website, start telling all my friends that i’m a life coach, write instagram posts daily, really start believing that i am a life coach who can make a lot of money
R: ?? i am on my way to being a life coach making $100k by 2023?

thank you!