Can a report of past thoughts and feelings go in the ‘C’ line?

Do you think it’s a reasonable practice to report past feelings, even past thoughts, on the ‘C’ line? Here’s why I ask… I started a model with the thought “I am compliant with people because I believe that’s the way to induce them to like me.” The next step is to write the ‘C’ line. I am < 1 mo. in scholars and so am trying to be careful as I write my models. In my recent 20-min private call the coach said “write the ‘C’ line as if you are reporting facts in court.” I’m not sure if it’s okay to report on the ‘C’ line past feelings, even past thoughts.

Here’s the ‘C’ line I wrote after writing the thought indicated in the second sentence of this question:

“Last night was me and my boyfriend’s one night a week to stay at my place. Otherwise we hang out at his place which is not conducive to emotional and sexual intimacy. He lives with his dad and brother. Boyfriend and brother take care of disabled dad whose health is getting worse. The family situation caused him to ask if we could move into the future by two nights our one-night-a-week at my place. I had a sense I was angry about this but was not allowing the feeling. I was pushing the feeling away by telling myself that as long as we had one night this week at my place I was fine with that. I am aware that while I have a lifelong pattern of stuffing my anger, while my boyfriend feels and acts out anger intensely in the moment and then it quickly passes. Turns out he was thinking I was planning to stay over at his place while I was thinking I’d go back to my place. I did not tell him straight up that no, I was thinking of going back to my place.”

In your opinion, should this or should this not include a report of past feelings and thoughts?