How can I add value and create more money?

Hi Brooke! I found your podcast a few weeks ago and your work resonated with me instantly. I’ve been a student of Abraham, Byron Katie and many of the other teachers you reference. The way you’ve synthesized their teachings and added your own flavor and wisdom is simply brilliant. It’s all clicking in a way that it never has before. Thank you, thank you! I signed up for Scholars with a primary purpose of understanding and improving my relationship with money. I’m on Part 4 of your Money Series and would like some help.

A little bit about me: I live in California with my husband and two sons; I’m a Special Ed teacher by trade. I’m currently working part time which gives me additional time to spend with my toddler as well as time to teach some online education classes through a local University which I love. I’ve always been a budgeter and I enjoy tracking every dollar we spend. After listening to the Money Series, I realize I’ve been operating from a scarcity mindset as we save for a down payment for our first house and I’m doing a lot of thought work around my relationship with money.

I’m interested in adding more value and creating more money in my life. For years, I’ve felt that I’m not living up to my full potential with regards to work–I add tremendous value to my job and love helping the families I work with but I feel as though I could do more, make more, be more. I’ve considered going back to school to get my Administrative Credential but when I look at the issues the administrators I work with deal with, I know it’s not for me. I also know I could work full time to generate more income but I want to create income that is not a direct trade of time for money. This feeling that I “should” be already be earning more has caused me a subtle but persistent low level of anxiety. At the same time, I enjoy working part-time and I want to create more money in a way that will allow me to work from home and have flexibility with my schedule (rather than going back to full time at the school district).

Here’s an example of some models:

T: I should have already figured this out by now.
F: Anxiety, confusion
A: I don’t take action towards creating more money and instead get snippy with family or use that energy to organize my house in the hope that it will bring relief
R: No movement towards creating more money, more feelings of anxiety, disconnection from family and an organized house

T: I’ve got this!
F: Excitement, curiosity
A: Reach out to Brooke, reach out to other universities about teaching opportunities, create video series for my online classes
R: Add value to my current job, generate new ideas, feel positive!

So my question is, how do you decide how to add more value/create more money? In the past, I’ve gotten very comfortable feeling confused and I’m choosing not to feel that way anymore. I’m open to opportunities and would love your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks in advance!