Can Any 1 Person Help the World Evolve?

Ok. So I’ve been working on a lot of micro-issues (personal stuff) and that’s much easier now. I spend a good portion of my time either feeling good or accepting the times when I feel anxiety – and I work on times when I know my thoughts are causing me unnecessary pain around a reality.

Today, though, I got to thinking at a more macro-level. A human life is short in relative terms – and it feels like the human life is spent filling the brain with beliefs (from our socialization) and then living within the hallucination of our beliefs. We have relationships, we do work, we make money, we may procreate, and we die. A few people get fame and make a lot of money, but their lives are similar – just with more name recognition and money. However, I’d say (my judgment) very few actually move the world forward – in terms of total human evolution. Humans seem to have more technology now – but it feels like human still have a very low level of emotional intelligence overall. We still have the same addictions, angers, jealousies, etc. – even though we now have electric cars, pocket Internet, etc.

I wonder … not for name recognition or legacy (which I don’t think matters once you’re dead) … do you think there’s any way to help humans evolve? Not 1 by 1 or even, like Tony Robbins, a thousands at a time (one could argue they don’t evolve, but simply observe) … but somehow introduce something into society, somehow, that would create some sort of mental shift on a more global scale?

Or does it matter? My belief is that humans are alive to live. All life simply seems to exist to continue to live. So I think, as long as we’re alive, we’re fulfilling whatever very basic purpose we have. But it seems like it’d be a worthwhile use of a human life to figure out a way to create a pivot in human understanding of our thoughts vs. reality – and how we create our own suffering – and how we can serve each other and the greater good instead of focusing for 80 years on our own hallucinated worries and upsets. The world might be served better by figuring out how to make something that works for all of us.

But in really looking at the good works of people like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, etc. – it feels hard to move the world’s way of thinking. We seem to have some set point where we’re comfortable within our hallucination. And our coaches are outliers who know the way – but moving society’s needle is enormously difficult. In that instance, does it make sense to saw “screw it” and just do what you can, where you can, enjoying your own human life as much as you can until death?

I realize I can think “My life has enormous meaning if I just coach myself to happiness” and feel fulfilled. I’m just wondering what someone who coaches on a larger scale thinks about. Do you think about shifting the world off it’s axis a bit with your work … or just “doing what you can do” and letting the chips fall where they may? The more I get out of my own head, the more I’d like to help more people do the same. Thoughts?