Can any emotion become indulgent?

Hi there!
I am doing the mastering emotional balance course in the study vault and am working on one of my unintentional/intentional models. In this course we are to pull out the F line and then categorize it as 1 (you want to feel), 2 (unwanted, but need to allow) or 3 (indulgent). Here are the models:

C Balance in bank account
T We don’t have enough
F Afraid
A buffer, spin/ruminate, blame self and others, ignore low balance
R No change in bank account

C Balance in bank account
T We always make it work
F Peaceful
A budget/plan, look at spending and ways to save, have trust in universe (all will work out)
R It works out

So my feelings are Afraid and Peaceful. I was putting Afraid as a 2 (unwanted but need to allow). But then I was thinking that maybe fear around money is more indulgent. Like I use it to spin and worry and ruminate. I could see Fear being a necessary feeling when doing something that is out of my comfort zone. But curious about the way I use it here.

Are indulgent emotions more the ones that don’t move us forward?

Thanks for your input!