Can April topic and weight loss be done together?

I have many needs, hence the reason I’m here, but I feel like if I could get healthy so many of my issues in life would be…not fixed… but better. I do need better time management in order to get my meal planning and exercising as top priority!

Would you suggest that part of my daily plan for April be to read the If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight? book, or do you think that would be too much? This is my very first month to join Scholars. Part of my issue in the past is doing too much and then burning out. I’m very all or nothing and can over commit.
I want this to be different, but I’m feeling miserable in just about every facet of my life right now and I know my obesity is a HUGE part of it all. Trying to be realistic and so thankful already for the things I’ve learned from the bonus box!