Can Being A Care-Giver Be Fun?

I am new here and am starting to get an understanding of the material.
MY father is going through chemo these days and the burden that it puts on my mother led me to decide to take a week off of my life and travel overseas and help there. What I offered my mother is one week off from taking care of my father and the house, that I want her to go to work and only worry about herself and her appointments and whatever else she needs to take care of. I told her I will make sure to take him to the chemo treatments, prepare lunch for him, keep him company, and clean the house.
My offer was welcomed with tears of joy and relief even before I came.
I booked my tickets and my flight is two days away.

All of a sudden I feel choked and can only hear versions of how this was a bad idea.
You have only bad memories from this place. Your parents are so negative. You will be judged by them and by the neighbors. You will be miserable for this week, sitting at home and cleaning. Your mental health will deteriorate. You will likely overeat to soothe yourself. Your mom will judge your weight. Family you dislike might stop by and visit.

I keep reminding myself that the initial compassion I have just when I decided to go and help is what should lead me in my thoughts while I am there.

How else do you suggest I will prepare myself mentally to deal with certain people or situations while there?

Thank you! Jes