Can boredom be changed by changing circumstances?

I got a confusing answer to my question about boredom today on the Model Q&A call. My question was: I struggle with boredom a lot. Even when I’m doing the things I want to be doing, whether it’s work or play or rest, I feel bored. The only thoughts I can identify that are causing this feeling run along the lines of, “I’m so bored” or “Why can’t I enjoy this?”

The coach said that I should ask myself what else I want to be doing. But isn’t this just changing the circumstances? I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. I already decided what I wanted to be doing. If I start trying to come up with different things to do so that I don’t feel bored, I think I will be spinning out trying to change circumstances. Do I really need to just keep looking for more interesting things to do? I’m 46 and having looking my whole life!