Can depression and hormones cause emotions as well?

If I were to write down the three emotions I have most often are gratitude, love and excitement. I feel proud of this because I’ve been working on feeling this way for years and I now know how to produce these feelings and I do. And I love the model because it always helps me feel better and create the results that I want. And I have been thinking about hormones and depression and how they impact emotions and would love to hear your thoughts on this. For example, yesterday I got my period, and I started feeling tender and irritable, I sat down to write the model and I couldn’t figure out what was the thought I was having that was causing these emotions because at that moment I was working on a project I’m super excited about. The tenderness and sadness seemed to come as a wave out of the blue. So I’ve been thinking that not only thought but also hormones can produce emotions. Also, my husband was diagnosed with clinical depression and from my perspective and conversations with him, I can see how his thoughts produce some of his emotions but I also believe chemical imbalances in his brain produce some of the negative emotions. Now, I understand that once I feel irritable or tender from my period I have thoughts about those emotions that either increase or change how I feel, my question is about the initial feeling – the emotion that appears from apparently nothing. I’m asking this from a place of curiosity and not a place of saying that the model doesn’t work (I know it does). What are your thoughts on this?