Can feelings go in the thought line?

I have been practicing some of the self love for my future self work from this month.
The model I am working on goes like this:

C I am scheduled to leave tomorrow for a 6 week work trip
T I want to set my tomorrow self up to feel organized and unhurried in the morning
F love
A wash early so that things get dry, find large suitcase and wash it, set things out on the bed, write lists of things I need to buy, say no to lunch date
R I feel organized and unhurried in the morning or my case is packed and organized when I wake up in the morning?

Because tomorrow morning my case being packed is only a circumstance that I will only have a feeling about once I have a thought about. Yes?

I am loving today imagining myself being calm and organized in the morning. I want this for her.

Any feedback appreciated.