Can I follow the new program HOW TO BE EN ENTREPRENEUR – instead of the current one ?

Dear Booke,

I discovered your awesome podcast last September after watching the incredible documentary about Tony Robbins «I’m not your Guru » aired by Netflix. By subscribing to Mr. Robbins’ podcast, yours have appeared.

As I am curious, I started listening to some episodes, especially the ones that summarized the thought of one of your mentors / teachers. Thanks to you, I finally understood what was for me the incomprehensible Eckhart Tolle! I told myself that if you could make me understand the teachings of Mr. Tolle, there was certainly material to discover coming from you. I then listened to the other podcasts while being amazed at all the free material you were broadcasting.

I got hooked on the model and in December became a proud student! I am even a Life Coach School VIP now.

Like many of your students, I am currently experiencing a profound transformation and since January I am simply “blowing my own mind” as you would say !

I put the program into practice every month and I also worked with the talented Brenda Lomeli who allowed me to lose 23 pounds. No one before had been able to help me with the hormonal changes that accompanies the menopause, not even my doctor!

I run a public relations agency in Canada that I founded 17 years ago. My employees are so amazed at my energy, my weight loss and my good spirit that they asked me to be one of the “guest speaker” at our monthly breakfast where we usually invite experts in our field that we want to learn from. I cannot believe it yet! I started to introduce them to “The Model” !!

And that’s not all; I met a wonderful man in February with whom I have a happy relationship that makes me grow. I also realized one of my dream to travel with the man I love to Venice in June and just got back from another amazing trip with him in North of France !

And this week, at the exact moment I was telling myself that now I must put all my energies on the development of my business, I listen to the 9 min podcast of Thursday “How to be an Entrepreneur” which made me literally jump from my bed! WHAT a program to learn to grow my business from Brooke !!! AMAZING !

Is it possible that, as a Scolar, I follow this new program instead of the current one? The timing could not be better.

I hope to be able to join you for the next MODELTHON in October, because one of my dreams is to be able to meet you in person, dear Brooke, to thank you.

Yours truly

Natalie from Montreal