I can do hard things!!

I am one of your older students. I don’t relate to much of the discussions about building businesses etc. However, I joined to improve my relationship with my husband (working), managing my weight loss (working) and reducing my drinking (not working yet). So, yesterday I started knitting my grandson’s Christmas sweater. I have been knitting off and on since I was 12 so its been a long long time and I am very good at it. This pattern is driving me crazy!! I have spent literally 24 hours starting, tearing out, starting tearing out and starting again. Not being able to figure out what I am doing wrong….and then suddenly “light bulb”!!! By the way, I am listening to your SOD video’s as I knit. I haven’t succeed…yet. I have the will to keep working at my knitting project in spite of repeated failure but with drinking I get frustrated with myself and think “I’ll never succeed”….yes I will. I can do hard things.