Can having an idea be a circumstance?

Can having an idea be a circumstance?

Let’s say…

I have an idea. It’s a moment in time. It’s an event. I’m not attaching an adjective to it. It’s simply an occurrence. A thought came to me. Hard to prove in a court of law as it’s not an external event another person can witness, it’s an internal process.

Ah – an idea is a thought. SPEAKING the idea out loud is a circumstance. In this case the circumstance would be, “I said xxxxx” or “I said words.”

But no, “I had an idea” or “I had a thought” is still an event, but it’s an internal, mental occurrence in time. Can “I had a thought” be a circumstance if there’s no judgement attached to it? “She said words. I had many thoughts. I left the room.”

And I think I’m circling back to no. Having a thought is an event, but it’s internal and we’re consciously separating out thought from actions. This work places a divider between the act of having a thought (internal process, can’t be objectively proven) and the action we take based on a thought or feeling (can be objectively proven).