can I get some feedback on the models?

C: Deposition ended early with no specific plan to follow
T: Let me check my email
F: Unsure… normal? Curious? Motivated? Overly motivated?
A: spending 1 hour and 15 minutes writing, re-writing, thinking about what to write, in ONE email
R: I have only 3 hours left to finish everything else, but no plan

C: I have 3 hours left in the work day
T: that is enough time to get things done
F: motivated
A: Make a plan
R: TBD………… getting started now!

By the way, I never fully finish Monday Hour One. I START it and don’t complete filling it in on the calendar because I know there is uncertainty in my schedule and things will change a lot/ end times are unpredictable for meetings and depositions.