Can I have a 90 day relationship online?

I met a guy online. Were hitting it off extremely well.

I’m interested in doing a 90-day relationship with him.

We’re planning to meet in 3 months on 1.12.2022. Is this crazy?

I’m a bit off-put with meeting people online.

How can I fully trust that our relationship will continue to be the same when we meet in real life? Maybe he’ll be different in real life?

I can see how I’m actually holding myself back from it. I should just be in the moment. When the relationship is amazing, I should go with that and create from that, not be worried whether or not it might end. Any relationship can change online or in real life. The online part is not in charge of how my relationships are. Only I choose how they are.

So I should go all in! Be me! Be honest! And just go with it! Live my life fully and show myself what’s truly possible. <3