Can I use the model this way?

Where I live, COVID19 has been well controlled – last 3 months we only had a few cases and there were all people in quarantine who just came back from overseas. Last night – the government announced positive cases in the community with no link to overseas travel or border workers and today, the whole country is going into restriction again.

T- oh no, here we go again
F- worry (gritting teeth, tight shoulders, tense thighs)
A- complaining to colleagues, and friends. Spending time on whatsapp. Worrying in my head
R- i am not efficient at work

Why am I choosing to think that thought? I feel entitled to safe living with no coronavirus, easy supermarket, no queueing at supermarket.

Why am I choosing to think that thought? I feel safe if there were no coronavirus.

Why am I choosing to think that thought? Basic lizard brain – must stay alive.

OK, now, is the worry helping me stay alive? No. It is hindering my work. And resisting it will not help me get the necessary action and planning. It will make me stuck.

What is a better emotion/thought that would serve me better? Calm

What thoughts do I need to make calm feeling? Self compassion – I’ve got this. Hi brain, I know you want to worry and it’s ok. We’ve got this.