Can I use the Stop Overdrinking course to help me stop buying books?

I buy way too many books. On one hand it’s quite easy to justify: many are special editions by artists I admire, or they’re reference books which I use for work, to create courses, etc. etc. I also never buy more than I can afford, so it doesn’t hurt me in that sense. On the other hand I am running out of space and getting stressed about the books I haven’t even looked at yet (hello guilt!). So I wnat to stop buying too many books, even if they do bring me joy. But I don’t want to stop completely – I still want to be able to buy new, important publications in my field as well as support artists through buying special editions etc. Do you think I can use the Stop Overdrinking course with this and simply translate everything to ‘Stop Overbuying Books’? Or won’t that work?