Can intolerance or inflexibility be a Feeling?

C) My middle school son occasionally forgets to submit homework online after doing it; and today, he completed today’s history homework in the page for two days ago where the teacher will miss it.
T) He just won’t learn to slow down or be more attentive or double check himself.
F) ?? Inflexibility or intolerance??
A) I lecture him once again on why he need to slow down when doing his work on the computer
R) He gets annoyed and probably isn’t willing to process the lesson of slowing down.

I don’t have a strong vibration like anger or frustration, at least I don’t think so. But I feel this need to lecture (“explain”) to him, and I do feel myself getting a little stiff. When he starts to get annoyed (R), that’s when I start to get mad at him. So, in this case, can inflexibility or intolerance be a feeling?