How can I listen to my hunger when exercise suppresses my appetite?

Hi Brooke! I am brand new here and gobbling up your stop overeating workshop material. I have not finished, so I do apologize if this question is answered within your content. But I have been hitting the same road block over and over and over: overeating after I workout.

I have a strange reaction to intense exercise (interval training + heavy weight lifting) where I am absolutely not hungry at all afterwards. Logically, I know I should eat something to feed my muscles and aid my body in recovery. But I’m just not hungry and therefore it’s hard for me to eat what my body wants because I have no idea what my body wants. So I listen to my mind instead – which I feel is always a pitfall. Logically, I know I should have protein. But physio-logically, I know I’m not hungry and shouldn’t eat.

I always feel like I sabotage my weight loss efforts because I end up eating when I’m not hungry after a workout. My thought is always the same: “I should be hungry, therefore I should eat.” As I write this, I realize that NOT eating after a workout wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but when that happens I’m always much more sore the next day and I can tell that my muscles are physically weaker, not stronger. I struggle so much with the desire for strength (which comes when I have protein after a workout) and the desire for a thinner body (not eating when I’m not hungry!).

I am so fed up with this pattern of mine, and I’m wondering what your opinion on this particular situation is. Right now, I’m exercising 5x a week, so this happens 5x a week. Thus, no weight loss (but I am getting stronger). In the end, I’d prefer being thinner over being stronger.

Thanks for your reply. I am so excited and happy to be here! xoxo, Kari