Can My R Line Be A Feeling?

Hi there – looking for some help with my models and I’m wondering – can my “result” be a thought? I am doing daily downloads and models I’m finding a lot that I want to put another feeling on the result line, or maybe the perpetuation of a feeling. I’m not sure if this is correct. For example:

C: Reading a technical memo
T: I don’t know anything about this topic
F: Dumb
A: Avoid reading the memo, distract with food/alcohol/urges/scrolling/texting/shopping
R: Work does not get done. I feel stressed that work does not get done. I feel dumb that I didn’t do the work. I perpetuate the idea that I am not smart and I can’t do this work.

In general, I’m seeing a theme where I doubt myself and think thoughts that at to that effect (I’m not smart, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m unqualified, etc) which then create feelings of being dumb, unmotivated, lazy etc. And then the action is to avoid doing whatever I was trying to do, or to numb/distract and the result is nothing changes – I keep doubting and avoiding. I want to get more clear on this idea so that I can figure out how to change it, so I would love some input on that. Thank you!