Why can we not have little bits here and there of sugar and flour daily?

Hi Brooke,

So I am the type of learner that needs to know the “why not” and have the “ifs” answered so I can fully understand. I am starting to set up a protocol for myself and I want to understand why we can’t incorporate a bit of sugar/flour in our diet daily. For example, having one slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter for breakfast or having a Skinny Iced Mocha for a snack or my favorite (mashed potatoes for dinner). I am not trying to argue but I want to understand what happens if I were to do this daily, how it would affect me so I get the bigger picture and the importance of staying strict on protocol and only having one joy meal every now and then.

I know for me when I am faced with a temptation, I often think “well this one thing won’t be a big deal” but I think that’s what spirals me into going all in for junk food, and unhealthy foods as I don’t know when to say no.

Thank you in advance,